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You will find bamboo trees, lush greenery, and bright flowers lining the glass walls of the Stoneman Healing Garden. The peaceful garden is a source of tranquility and relaxation for patients and families.

Family members and partners, also known as caregivers, are deeply affected when an adult is diagnosed with cancer. The well partner is dealing with the impact of cancer and supporting the patient, while potentially taking on additional responsibilities within the family. Anticipate what to expect at this difficult time and learn coping strategies.

For those family members and partners who lose a loved one to cancer, bereavement support, in the form of resources, materials, or in-person or online groups, can be helpful in managing life after cancer.

Additional Resources

You may feel overwhelmed by the practical and emotional changes that come with being a caregiver. Dana-Farber offers information intended to help you understand and cope with these changes.

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