Ordering and Licensing CPDM's Patient Derived Models (PDX, PDCL)

Many of our patient derived models are available for both academia and industry users.

Options for Exploring and Ordering CPDM's Cancer Model Collection

Our cancer model request process is as follows:

  • Explore model collection
  • Submit model request
  • CPDM confirms availability of model inventory and usage restriction
  • Initiation of MTA process
  • Payment and model shipment

See CPDM's SOPs for expanding and conducting studies with our models.

cBioPortal: A Genomic Data Portal for PDX and PDCL Models

This data portal hosts three distinct model collections of brain tumors, liquid tumors, and other solid tumors:

  • Brain tumor PDX and PDCL (spheroid and organoid) models (manuscripts in preparation)
  • Liquid tumor PDX models (Cancer Cell. 2016)
  • Other solid tumor PDX models (Nat Med. 2015)

To see the list of our cancer models, please register to access the CPDM Pan-Cancer Patient Derived Models cBioPortal database. Once you receive a confirmation email from our team, please log in to Dana-Farber's private cBioPortal platform. See our User Guide for instructions for logging in and using CPDM's database.