Cellular Therapies Clinical Trials

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For Leukemia

For more information, contact our Adult Leukemia Program.

For Lymphoma

For more information, contact our Adult Lymphoma Program.

For Multiple Myeloma

For more information, contact our Multiple Myeloma Program.

For Solid Tumors

For more information, contact the relevant solid tumor treatment center.

Cell Manipulation Core Facility

For some cellular therapy products – especially in early phase clinical trials – our on-site Connell and O'Reilly Families Cell Manipulation Core Facility (CMCF) performs the primary cell manufacturing of genetically engineered products. For other cellular therapy products, cells are primarily manufactured at an outside commercial facility and the CMCF oversees the process of collecting the cells, shipment to the offsite commercial facility, return of the processed cells, and release for patient treatment.

Reimagining Immunotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Glenn Hanna, MD, describes the trial of CTLA-4 inhibition in combination with memory-like natural killer (NK) cell immune cell therapy in advanced head and neck cancer.