Neuro-Oncology Clinical Research and Trials

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The Center for Neuro-Oncology is at the forefront of discovery and development of new treatments for brain and central nervous system tumors. Center investigators have made important inroads in basic and clinical research to better understand the biology that underlies these tumors and identify and test new therapies.

Our researchers are also involved in many projects for the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Brain Cancer SPORE (Specialized Program of Research Excellence), including those focused on PI3K inhibitors, IDH mutations, Olig2 suppressors and immunotherapy.

Clinical Trials

Our Center offers a number of exciting clinical trials for patients with primary and metastatic brain and spinal cord tumors. These trials explore several innovative approaches to improve outcomes and quality of life for brain tumor patients, including immunotherapy, targeted therapies, and anti-angiogenesis inhibitors.

Learn more about our clinical trials.

Research Areas

Our research team is leading basic, translational and clinical research aimed at advancing the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of brain tumors. Areas of focus include:

In addition, we are conducting research on CNS and systemic lymphoma, brain metastasis, adaptive designs for brain tumor clinical trials, neurologic complications of cancer, oncolytic viruses, surgical brain mapping, molecular and cellular surgical oncology, CNS drug delivery/mass spectrometry, preclinical animal models, tumor metabolism/IDH mutations, Olig 2 suppression, and advanced neuro-imaging.

Our Physician-Researchers


Ennio Chiocca, MD, PhD
Focus: Novel experimental therapies for malignant brain tumors
Chiocca Lab
Pub Med


Brian Alexander, MD, MPH
Pub Med

Nathalie Agar, PhD
Focus: Molecular diagnosis and prognosis for clinical and surgical applications
Surgical Molecular Imaging Lab
Pub Med

Rameen Beroukhim, MD, PhD
Pub Med

Alexandra Golby, MD
Focus: Structural and functional MRI and brain electrophysiology
Surgical Brain Mapping Lab
Pub Med

Raymond Huang, MD, PhD
Focus: Advanced neuro-imaging
Pub Med

William Kaelin, Jr., MD
Focus: Targeted therapies and precision cancer medicine
Kaelin Lab
Pub Med

Eudocia Lee, MD, MPH
Pub Med

Keith Ligon, MD, PhD
Focus: Genotyping and neuropathology
Ligon Lab
Pub Med

Srinivasan Mukundan, Jr. MD, PhD
Focus: Advanced neuro-imaging
Pub Med

Thomas Roberts, PhD
Focus: Targeted therapies and precision cancer medicine
Pub Med

Sandro Santagata, MD, PhD
Focus: Neuro-pathology
Pub Med

Charles Stiles, PhD
Focus: Olig-2 suppression
Pub Med

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