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    Our Patients: Providing the Best Care to More People

    At Dana-Farber, we are committed to improving inclusion, diversity, and equity for our patients in the delivery of quality care, and to enhancing the care experience of diverse patients.
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    Our Staff: Investing in Talent and Resources

    At Dana-Farber, we're working to increase diversity among our faculty, staff, and leadership, to create an inclusive, diverse medical and research community that better reflects the people we serve.
    Christopher Lathan, MD, MS, MPH, with a patient

    Our Community: Serving Our Medically Underserved Neighbors

    One of Dana-Farber's main goals is to reduce cancer risk among our local and regional communities who have been historically marginalized, working with city and state health departments, and community partners.
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    Our Research: Equity in Discovery and Innovation

    Dana-Farber is working to make our breakthrough research equally accessible to all patient populations, regardless of race, socioeconomics, gender, identity, veteran status, or other differentiators.
  • "At Dana-Farber, we are committed to doing everything in our power to eliminate racial, socioeconomic, cultural, and other disparities in patient care, cancer research, and cancer treatment and outcomes."
    — Laurie H. Glimcher, MD, Dana-Farber President and CEO

    Dedicated to Equity in Patient Care and Outcomes

    We believe everyone deserves the best possible cancer care when they need it. But the biggest scientific breakthroughs — and the most advanced treatments — can make a difference only if they reach all patients who need them. That's why we're working very hard to strengthen our care and research initiatives across all communities — breaking down barriers, developing trust, and building relationships, so that we can provide better support for all our patients regardless of race, socioeconomics, or culture.

    Building an Inclusive and Diverse Workforce

    At Dana-Farber, we're committed to increasing diversity among our faculty, staff, and leadership, and to creating a more inclusive and diverse scientific and medical community that is representative of the communities we serve. This takes investment, hard work, and accountability — all of which are reflected in our deep commitment.

    Our Commitment in Action

    At Dana-Farber, we envision a future where cancer prevention, care, and outcomes are grounded in equity and social justice. As part of our commitment to eliminate cancer disparities across the Institute — and to diversify our faculty and help build a scientific and medical community that reflects the diversity of our community — we have affirmed our inclusion, diversity, and equity commitment with a 5-year, $50 million investment to significantly improve these four critical areas:

    • Cancer disparities in research
    • Access to care and equitable outcomes
    • Community investments
    • Access to careers and advancement
  • Diagram of Strategic Plan for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

    Our Strategic Plan for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

    Our goals are ambitious, and are aligned with our firm and steady commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity at Dana-Farber. These goals span:

    • Our ongoing initiatives as leaders in cancer research and patient care
    • Our quest for a truly diverse and inclusive staff — equitably hired and with equal access to advancement
    • Our ongoing involvement with our local and regional communities, particularly those that have been traditionally underserved