Our Patients: Providing the Best Care to More People

New Patient Appointments

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Ensuring Cancer Care Access and Quality to All Our Patients

At Dana-Farber, we are committed to improving inclusion, diversity, and equity for our patients. Nowhere is this more important than in the delivery of quality care. Fulfilling our commitment to providing world-class care to all our patients includes:

  • Increasing minority patient volumes
  • Enhancing the care experience of diverse patients
  • Ensuring equal quality of cancer care across all patient groups

Supporting Every Patient's Journey

At Dana-Farber, we're committed to understanding and supporting the experience of underserved and minority patients. We know there can be emotional and physical barriers to a patient's feelings of confidence and belonging. We're working to address and erase these barriers, meeting our patients "where they are" — so that everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and safe. Our goal is inclusive, non-discriminatory, multi-cultural access to the clinical, research, and support resources that we offer all our patients and families.

One important way to enhance patients' comfort level is by eliminating language as a barrier. We provide patients with multi-lingual medical interpreters and patient navigators, as well as financial information, special clinical messaging, directions, and patient reported data in multiple languages.

Dana-Farber's Total Patient Care

Learn more about Dana-Farber's role in reducing cancer risk among medically underserved populations. Watch Dana-Farber's Magnolia Contreras and Ludmila Svoboda discussing the support we provide to cancer patients through our Patient Navigator Program. And hear from survivor Mary London about the total patient care she received at Dana-Farber.

Services to Support Our Diverse Patients


Becoming Our Patient

As a new Dana-Farber patient, find answers to questions about your first visit: what to bring, how to find us, where to park, and how to prepare.


Interpreter Services

Dana-Farber provides professional medical interpreters at no cost to patients and families who speak a language other than English.


Patient Navigator Program

Patient Navigators are caring professionals who are trained to understand your needs. Navigators speak English and Spanish, and work with interpreters who speak other languages.


Patient Financial Assistance

Dana-Farber's Patient Financial Assistance program helps patients who don't have the ability to pay for their health care.


Patient Reported Data

Patient reported data is information reported directly by patients to their care teams. It enables care teams to focus on patient priorities.


Disability Services

Dana-Farber and our partner hospitals are accessible to people with disabilities, and comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).