Massage Therapy at the Zakim Center

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Massage therapy involves therapeutic touch and different style strokes to support the muscles and soft tissues of the body. Oncology massage is a type of massage therapy that is adjusted to provide a safe and helpful session for any patient with a cancer diagnosis. Research and clinical experience show that it may help with treatment symptoms such as pain, anxiety and depression, fatigue, insomnia, and nausea.

Oncology massage may be used before cancer treatment, during treatment, and/or after treatment. The Zakim Center team encourages collaboration with your medical team should you have any questions or concerns about your integrative plan.

The massage therapists at the Zakim Center are all oncology massage therapists and have gone through additional training after their massage therapy education.

Massage therapy is available for both adult and pediatric patients in individual sessions.

Hands on Care

Through the Hands on Care Volunteer Program, trained volunteers provide complimentary, gentle, 15-minute mini-hand massages for patients during their chemotherapy infusion treatments. Through this volunteer and patient interaction, patients may experience decreased anxiety and an enhanced quality of care.

If you're interested in becoming a Hands on Volunteer, please visit Volunteer Services for expectations and an online application.

Foot Reflexology During Infusion at the Jimmy Fund Clinic

We believe in making a difference in our patients' quality of life, even during their infusion treatment. Two afternoons a week, a Zakim Center's massage therapist spends time in the Jimmy Fund Clinic, offering a combination of foot massage and foot reflexology to pediatric patients.

New patients interested in massage appointments should first schedule an integrative medicine consultation. During this consultation, our nurse practitioner will review your medical history and discuss which therapies may be most beneficial for you.