Patient Support, Education, and Follow-Up Care

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Symptom Management

Nutritional Guidance and Speech Therapy

Patients can work with nutrition counselors from the very beginning of their treatment to create a customized eating plan. Our nutritionists are registered dietitians, skilled at handling your nutrition needs, and answer your questions about the relationship between cancer and nutrition.

Managing Fatigue and Depression

You may find yourself more tired or experiencing feelings of depression or anxiety while going through cancer treatment. Our Psychosocial Oncology Program can help you and your loved ones to manage fatigue and depression and maintain the best quality of life during and after treatment.

Pain Management and Care

Our center offers pain management and palliative care to our patients. Palliative care is often misunderstood. Many associate it with end-of-life care or "giving up" — especially with a serious health diagnosis like cancer. However, palliative care is best explained as extra support that helps reduce the symptoms, pain, or stress associated with illnesses. Early on, it can help make medical treatments more tolerable. At later stages, it can reduce suffering, help you carry on with daily life, assist you in planning for future medical care, and provide support.


Integrative Therapies

Many of our patients benefit from consulting with experts at the Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies. Services range from acupuncture and massage to Reiki and music therapy. Our patients treated at the Zakim Center credit its services with easing nausea, improving circulation, and reducing pain, stress, and anxiety associated with cancer treatment.

Exercise Classes and Consults

Our team encourages you to remain active during your treatment. Studies show exercise can help both during and after cancer treatment, strengthening the body, improving mood, and reducing fatigue. Our exercise physiologist can design a safe, effective program tailored to your situation and needs.

Support Programs and Follow-Up Care

We understand that a neuroendocrine tumor diagnosis can be challenging, both physically and emotionally. Because we are a specialized center with support programs, many of our patients appreciate the chance to connect with other people with these kinds of tumors. We also hold educational sessions for patients to learn about the disease and how to care for themselves.

Our Seminar/Support Group Series is specifically for patients and families affected by neuroendocrine tumors. Patients and caregivers are invited for the first hour. Separate patient and caregiver discussion groups follow during the second hour. The sessions are co-led by Jane Bausch, LICSW, and Susan Englander, LICSW. Registration is required: Please call Jane Bausch, LICSW, at 617-632-3309 for more information and to register. Parking is validated in Yawkey Garage.

Survivorship Care and Follow-Up

We believe that all our patients should receive expert post-treatment care, in a comprehensive, personalized way. We create a care plan for each patient, with clear steps for monitoring and maintaining your health after your treatment ends.

Some of our patients participate in the Adult Survivorship Program, a member of the LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center of Excellence Network. This program is committed to finding solutions for living well after cancer and providing compassionate, quality medical care after treatment.

Find additional information, resources, and support for living well beyond cancer.