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About the Center for Neuro-Oncology

  • Join Us for the Next Session of “Neuro-Oncology Conversations”

    Our Virtual Series of Educational Programs for Patients and Their Families
    Thursday, April 22, 4:00 p.m. ET

    Research on Immunotherapy for Brain Tumors, with Dr. David Reardon, Clinical Director, Center for Neuro-Oncology

    Join the webinar here

  • The Center for Neuro-Oncology offers state-of the-art treatment for patients with brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, and neurologic complications from cancer. Our specialists work to ensure you receive coordinated treatment and support. We focus on helping you cope with your illness and maintain the quality of your life.

    The Center for Neuro-Oncology offers the latest advances in care for adult patients with tumors of the brain or spinal cord, as well as for neurologic complications of cancer and its treatments. Treatment for brain cancer is complex, and treatment planning requires involvement from many subspecialists including neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists. Through our multidisciplinary clinic, patients have the benefit of meeting with our team of surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists at one time and in one place to develop individualized treatment plans.

    We focus on treating both common and rare brain tumors, including glioma, glioblastoma, oligodendroglioma, astrocytoma, meningioma, lymphoma, brain metastases, and medulloblastoma.

    Dr. Reardon and patient

    Learn how we diagnose and treat brain tumors

    Learn about our Brain Metastases Program

    Learn about our CNS Lymphoma Center

    Learn about our Spinal Tumor Program

    Treatment and Research

    Our clinicians are experts in treatment options that include precise neurosurgical techniques, radiation therapy that targets tumors while sparing surrounding tissues, and a variety of chemotherapy and molecular drugs targeting your type of cancer.

    You may also benefit from our research program. As we search for new, more effective treatments, we are able to offer our patients access to a range of clinical trials for various types and stages of brain and spinal cord cancers.

    Our research is dedicated to advancing brain tumor diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about our research and treatment in the key areas of immunotherapy, cancer genetics/genotyping, and targeted therapies/precision cancer medicine.

    Our approach to compassionate care centers on the individual needs of our patients and their families. Our team members work closely together to ensure that you receive carefully coordinated treatment and support. We focus on helping you cope with your illness and maintain the quality of your life.

    You and your family are key members of the care team. While we understand your illness, you understand your own body. We welcome your questions and value your participation as we make decisions together.

    See the many types of brain and spinal cord tumors that we treat

  • View Videos from Our Virtual Educational Series for Patients

    March 15, 2021: "Neuro-Oncology Conversations – Brain Tumor Clinical Trials"
    What clinical trials are, why they are important, and how they are used in the treatment and research of brain tumors. Viewers' questions answered.

    Feb. 12, 2021: "Neuro-Oncology Conversations – Brain Tumor Symptoms"
    Our experts lead an in-depth discussion of brain tumor signs and symptoms, and answer questions from viewers.

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  • What are the signs of a brain tumor? Dana-Farber's Eudocia Quant Lee, MD, shares common symptoms to look out for, and explains how tumors may affect the brain in different ways.

  • Living with Brain Tumors Annual Educational Event

    Living with Brain Tumors is our annual educational event for adult brain tumor patients and their loved ones. Check the agenda to find an archived webcast of the May 2019 event, as well as a list of topics and speakers.

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  • Information, Services, and Support at Dana-Farber

    new patient coordinators

    Becoming a Patient

    As a new Dana-Farber patient, find answers to questions about your first visit: what to bring, how to find us, where to park, and how to prepare.

    patient ratings pie chart

    How Our Neuro-Oncology (Brain Tumor) Patients Rate Dana-Farber

    Take a look at our patient satisfaction survey results for our patients treated for brain tumors.
    cover supportive resources brochure

    Support Services and Amenities

    We offer a wide range of services, from financial planning to creative arts to spiritual counsel, to support our patients through their cancer experiences.

  • Blum Center creative arts program participant

    The Eleanor and Maxwell Blum Patient and Family Resource Center

    The Blum Resource Center provides patients and family members with a comfortable environment to learn more about disease treatment and management.

    diagram from brain tumors brochure

    Living with a Brain Tumor: A Guide for Patients and Families

    Living with a Brain Tumor: A Guide for Patients and Families was created to help brain tumor patients and their families understand what to expect after diagnosis, and includes information about resources and support programs.

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    Join Our Online Cancer Community

    Join Dana-Farber's online cancer community and connect with other patients and survivors for support and information.