About AssessYourRisk

AssessYourRisk is a free online cancer education tool designed to help you learn about your personal risk of breast and ovarian cancer. By using a brief, 5-10-minute quiz/evaluation, you will be provided with information on factors that can increase or decrease your risk. AssessYourRisk offers personalized recommendations and resources to help manage or reduce your risk of cancer in the future.

This tool and its accompanying resources are designed to serve members of our diverse community who can benefit from early detection to help them reduce their overall cancer risk:

  • AssessYourRisk is designed for adults 18 and above with no personal history of breast or ovarian cancer
  • The tool includes questions on lifestyle, health history, family health history, and genetic testing, as well as tools and recommendations for collecting family history


Dana-Farber acquired AssessYourRisk in 2021 from BrightPink, a nationally recognized leader in innovative digital tools and educational content that was seeking a new home for its engaging resources. Dana-Farber launched the AssessYourRisk tool in 2023, following a comprehensive clinical and community expert review and redesign.

Led by Dana-Farber’s Ann Partridge, MD, MPH, Vice Chair of Medical Oncology, and Magnolia Contreras, Vice President of Community Health, the extensive review of AssessYourRisk was conducted by these experts:

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