Cancer Conversations


This series features Q&A-style conversations with Dana-Farber physicians, clinicians, and researchers. Topics include breast cancer research, precision cancer medicine, nutrition, cancer genetics, and more.

Episode 1: Integrative Therapies for Cancer

David Rosenthal, MD, former clinical director of Dana-Farber's Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies, discusses acupuncture, meditation, yoga, massage, and other forms of integrative therapy used to ease cancer-related symptoms and side effects.

Episode 2: The Truth About BRCA Testing and Genetic Risk

Huma Rana, MD, clinical director of Dana-Farber's Center for Cancer Genetics and Prevention, gives an overview of the link between genetics and women's cancers, and why certain women have a higher risk for developing disease.

Episode 3: The Latest in Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Research

Ursula Matulonis, MDPanos Konstantinopoulos, MD, PhD, and Susana Campos, MD, MPH, from the Gynecologic Oncology Program at the Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers discuss the latest treatment options for ovarian cancer as well as answer patient questions about side effects and new clinical trials.

Episode 4: The Latest Research in Multiple Myeloma, Leukemia, and Other Blood Cancers

Irene Ghobrial, MD, and Matthew Davids, MD, from Dana-Farber's Hematologic Oncology Treatment Center discuss the latest treatment advances and research in multiple myelomaleukemia, and more. They also share highlights from the 2015 American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting.

Episode 5: What's New in Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment and Research

Eric Winer, MD, director of the Breast Oncology Program in the Susan F. Smith Center for Women's Cancers, discusses the latest treatments for metastatic breast cancer as well as information on emerging clinical trials.

Episode 6: Cervical Cancer Treatment, Research and Prevention

Ursula Matulonis, MD, medical director of the Gynecologic Oncology Program in the Susan F. Smith Center for Women's Cancers, joins medical oncologist Alexi Wright, MD, MPH, and radiation oncologist Larissa Lee, MD, for a discussion on the latest information on the prevention, treatment and research of cervical cancer.

Episode 7: Life After Childhood Cancer Treatment

Lisa Diller, MD, Vice Chair of the Department of Pediatric Oncology, answers questions about the unique needs and concerns for patients and families transitioning off treatment, including fertility issues, follow-up care, and emotional challenges young survivors face.

Episode 8: The Best Foods and Diet for Cancer Treatment and Survivorship

Dana-Farber Nutritionist Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, discusses the optimal foods for cancer patients and answers questions about the latest food fads and myths.

Episode 9: Precision Cancer Medicine and Lung Cancer

Barrett Rollins, MD, PhD, and David Jackman, MD, discuss developments in precision cancer medicine and how new research may impact future treatment of lung cancer and other diseases.

Episode 10: Melanoma - What's the Latest?

Jennifer Lin, MD, from the Center for Melanoma Oncology, discusses prevention tips and the latest treatment options and research for melanoma.

Episode 11: Advances in Pediatric Brain Tumor Treatment

Mark Kieran, MD, PhD, and Peter Manley, MD, discuss treatment options and new research for pediatric brain tumors.

Episode 12: Advice for Parenting During Cancer Treatment

Kelly (Drummond) Giles, LICSW, a Dana-Farber social worker, joins fellow Dana-Farber social worker Allison Dibiaso, LICSW, and Sarah Silvia, a single mom who was treated for lymphoma, to discuss some of the common challenges parents face during treatment.

Episode 13: The Latest in Colon Cancer Prevention

Kimmie Ng, MD, MPH, director of clinical research for Dana-Farber’s Gastrointestinal Cancer Center, discusses colorectal cancer prevention, including screening, risk factors, and ways to lower risk.

Episode 14: The Latest in Genetics and Women's Cancers

Judy Garber, MD, MPH, director of clinical research for Dana-Farber’s Center for Cancer Genetics and Prevention, shares updates in genetics, hereditary risk, and testing for women's cancers.

Episode 15: What You Need to Know About Lung Cancer Treatment and Research

Geoffrey Oxnard, MD, from Dana-Farber's Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology discusses the rapid pace of lung cancer research and resulting treatment advances - including targeted therapies and individualized treatment plans - that provide the right drug for the right patient at the right time.

Episode 16: The Latest in Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research

Prostate cancer affects 230,000 men each year. Mark Pomerantz, MD, a medical oncologist in Dana-Farber’s Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology, discusses genetics, risk factors, and the controversy surrounding the PSA test, a test that can detect levels of prostate-specific antigen in the body.

Episode 17: The Latest in Brain Tumor Research and Treatment

Brain tumors can be among the most challenging cancers to treat. Patrick Wen, MD, and David Reardon, MD, of Dana-Farber’s Center for Neuro-Oncology, discuss immunotherapy, targeted therapiesprecision cancer medicine, and other new approaches that are improving treatment for brain tumors.

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