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Metastatic Breast Cancer Support and Education

  • embrace-2023-2024
  • 2023-2024 EMBRACE Metastatic Breast Cancer Virtual Forum Series

    Join us for the EMBRACE Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) Virtual Forum Series, a series of free online educational programs for patients, families, and loved ones. This series begins in Fall 2023 and will go through Spring 2024. Please use the event links below for more information and registration information.

    Opening Event
    October 28, 2023 | Times for each session in the opening event are listed below.

    Navigating Your First Year with Metastatic Breast Cancer
    November 10, 2023 | Noon - 1 p.m. ET
    Join us for an expert presentation and patient panel focused on living with MBC the first year after diagnosis.

    Please check back for additional information about upcoming events. Most events in this series will be recorded for future viewing.

    View recordings from the 2022-2023 forum.

  • Support specialists

    Left to right: Brandon Ortiz, CPhT, Pharmacy Resource Supervisor; Rhaissa Germano, Resource Specialist; Liz Farrell, MSW, LICSW, Clinical Social Worker; and Patricia Stahl, MEd, Senior Manager, Volunteer Services and Programs

  • One of the goals of the Ending Metastatic Breast Cancer for Everyone (EMBRACE) program is to provide resources and information to help guide patients through many situations and decisions. Throughout their journey, metastatic breast cancer patients in the EMBRACE program receive education and support from expert clinicians, other professionals, and one another.

    We offer patient- and family-centered care, which means that you and your loved ones are the focus of our attention. Your health care team will take the time to listen, understand your needs and preferences, and help give you a better sense of control over your life.

    An outreach coordinator meets EMBRACE patients on their first day, outlines resources available to them, and guides them at every step. Some of these resources include:

    The Blum Patient and Family Resource Center

    The Blum Center offers a lending library, workshops, computers for use, interpreters by phone, care bags for new patients, resources for parents with cancer and their children, a creative arts program, and more.

    Financial Assistance

    Limited financial assistance for basic needs and parking costs, as well as referrals for financial coaching to help review your financial situation and provide advice and guidance are available. For eligibility information, please call 617-632-3301.

    Legal Services

    Referrals to legal services related to care are available for Massachusetts residents. These services do not cover emergencies, bankruptcy, divorce, child support, or contested guardianship. For more information, please call 617-632-3301.

    Pharmacy Resource Program

    The Dana-Farber pharmacy fills prescriptions for all pediatric and adult patients. Our pharmacists are an extension of the patient care team and work closely with physicians to provide seamless, convenient, safe care. Medication access and co-pay assistance may be available for chemotherapy and other medication. Eligibility requirements may apply; for more information, please call 617-632-3526.

    Resource Specialists

    Resource specialists can help with concrete resource needs: short-term housing, transportation, food, insecurity, and limited financial assistance for patients receiving treatment at Dana-Farber. Eligibility requirements may apply; for more information, please call 617-632-5817 or email

    Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Groups

    Two monthly groups for metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients are co-facilitated by a psychiatrist and a social worker. Members vary from people newly diagnosed with MBC to people who have been living with MBC for years. Attendees report powerful benefits of getting to know and being able to process with people who "get it." For more information, please call 617-632-4235.

    Educational Programs

    Every year MBC patients and their loved ones gather at Dana-Farber for a day-long forum that includes updates on research and treatment advances; sessions on integrative therapies, nutrition, and other ways to improve quality of life; and discussion groups with other attendees.

    Throughout the year, patients in the program receive additional updates on research and care, through the form of webcasts, web chats, podcasts, and other channels.

  • Extending the Benefits of Targeting HER2 in Breast Cancer
    Nancy Lin, MD, and Paolo Tarantino, MD, explain how the antibody-drug conjugate trastuzumab deruxtecan (Enhertu) is now being used to treat HER2-low breast cancers.

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