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Metastatic Breast Cancer Support and Education

  • EMBRACE team

    Clinical coordinators for EMBRACE program

  • One of the goals of the Ending Metastatic Breast Cancer for Everyone (EMBRACE) program is to provide resources and information to help guide patients through many situations and decisions. Throughout their journey, metastatic breast cancer patients in the EMBRACE program receive education and support from expert clinicians, other professionals, and one another.

    An outreach coordinator meets EMBRACE patients on their first day, outlines services available to them, and guides them at every step. These services include integrative therapies, support groups, and peer mentorship.

    We offer patient- and family-centered care, which means that you and your family are the focus of our attention. Your health care team will take the time to listen, understand your needs and preferences, and help give you a better sense of control over your life.

    Educational Programs

    Every year metastatic breast cancer patients and their loved ones gather at Dana-Farber for a day-long forum that includes updates on research and treatment advances; sessions on integrative therapies, nutrition, and other ways to improve quality of life; and discussion groups with other attendees.

    Throughout the year, patients in the program receive additional updates on research and care, through the form of webcasts, web chats, podcasts, and other channels.

    Webcast Series

    Please note that these webcasts are best viewed with an Internet Explorer browser.

    Clinical trials for metastatic Her2 positive breast cancer

    Ian Krop, MD, PhD, offers a presentation that covers several new clinical trials; information on some of these new therapies including kinase inhibitors, antibody drug conjugates and immunotherapies; and patient-friendly resources for exploring clinical trials. Watch Dr. Krop’s presentation or view on SlideShare.

    Clinical trials for metastatic triple negative breast cancer

    Sara Tolaney, MD, MPH, offers a presentation that covers several new clinical trials: information on some of these new therapies including antibody drug conjugates and immunotherapy combinations; and patient-friendly resources for exploring clinical trials. Watch Dr. Tolaney’s presentation or view on SlideShare.

    Role of radiation in metastatic breast cancer

    Jennifer Bellon, MD, describes different types of radiation and explains how they are used to treat and alleviate symptoms in metastatic breast cancer. The presentation includes four different patient scenarios.

    When breast cancer travels to the brain

    Nancy Lin, MD, provides two presentations on treatments for patients whose breast cancer has traveled to the brain:

    • Part 1 provides an overview of breast cancer brain metastasis and describes local therapy including surgery and radiation.
    • Part 2 focuses on chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and ongoing clinical trials.

    Cognitive changes for metastatic breast cancer patients

    Fremonta Meyer, MD, explains the cognitive changes metastatic breast cancer patients may experience.

    EMBRACE Newsletters

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  • Eighth Annual Metastatic Breast Cancer Forum

    Save the date for the annual Metastatic Breast Cancer Forum on Saturday, October 5, 2019. The conference will include information on the latest research as well as talks on clinical trials, nutrition, and living with metastatic breast cancer.

    View the 2018 forum highlights