Our Approach to Hematologic Oncology Treatment

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To make sure your care is as seamless as possible, a dedicated team of clinicians, who are highly specialized experts in your type of blood cancer, will care for you throughout the treatment process, from diagnosis though long-term follow-up.

Personalized Care

As a patient in the Center for Hematologic Oncology, you will be treated by a dedicated care team that includes oncologists, surgeons, hematologists, physician assistants, nurses and clinical social workers who are committed to delivering high-quality, safe, patient care.

We develop personalized, comprehensive treatment plans for all our patients, offering the latest therapies and supportive resources, and taking your particular needs into account.

Treatment, Research, and Clinical Trials

We provide comprehensive services for treatment, including imaging, pathology, and radiation oncology. We also communicate with your referring physician throughout your treatment, including collaboration for follow-up care closer to your home where available.

In addition to conventional treatment approaches, you may have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials that offer access to new, innovative treatments for your type of cancer.

Our clinicians are actively involved in clinical research, working closely with laboratory investigators to examine a variety of treatment strategies, including:

  • Chemotherapies and combinations of existing treatments;
  • Radiation therapies;
  • Novel targeted therapies, which block specific molecules involved in the growth and progression of cancer cells;
  • Immune therapies, such as vaccine and cellular therapy; and
  • Bone marrow/stem cell transplantation, including traditional and reduced-intensity transplant, using related, unrelated or umbilical cord blood cells for transplant.

Support Services

We recognize that you and your family face many decisions and life changes. To assist you and help you make informed choices, we offer support services and education programs, resource centers and libraries, financial counseling, and low-cost, short-and long-term housing.

A variety of services and programs also support your care, including:

For Our Older Adult Patients

One distinguishing area of expertise is in our treatment of older adults (over 60 years old). Older adults with cancers of the blood often have different needs from younger adults, for example, a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, or kidney problems, which may limit treatment options.

To address the specific needs of older patients, we offer:

  • clinical trials specifically for adults 60 years old and over
  • stem cell transplant options for older patients with proven experience with transplanting patients well into their 70s
  • cutting-edge approaches to care, coupled with access to specialized supportive services  

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