Adult Leukemia Program Treatment Team

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Our highly focused and experienced team of physicians, practitioners, and clinical researchers work to provide state-of-the-art compassionate care with an emphasis on cutting-edge clinical research. Physicians work closely with research scientists in a "bench-to-bedside" approach that identifies promising new treatments by rapidly translating laboratory discoveries into the clinical setting. 

Adult Leukemia Program Leadership

Daniel J. DeAngelo, MD, PhD, Chief, Division of Leukemia
Richard M. Stone, MD, Chief of Staff; Director, Translational Research, Leukemia Program          
Eric S. Winer, MD, Clinical Director

Research Scientists

Benjamin Ebert, MD, PhD, Chair, Department of Medical Oncology; Director, Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center Joint Leukemia Research Center 
Andrew Lane, MD, PhD 
R. Coleman Lindsley, MD, PhD 
James Griffin, MD 
Anthony G. Letai, MD, PhD  
Zuzana Tothova, MD, PhD

Advanced Practice Providers

Ilene Galinsky, NP
Mary Gerard, PA-C
Kelly Ling, PA-C
Theresa Nguyen, NP
Ryan Osborn, PA-C
Patrice O'Sullivan, NP

Oncology Nurse Navigator

Idalina Colburn, RN

Research Nurse

Ellen Toomey-Mathews, RN

We work closely with our transplant service team when patients require bone marrow/stem cell transplantation.