Breast Oncology Program Treatment Team

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Members of the Breast Oncology Program Administrative Leadership Team

At Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center's Breast Oncology Program, our multi-disciplinary team works closely with patients, providing the resources and close cooperation of many specialists with deep expertise in diagnosing and treating breast cancer. Our physician-scientists are also researching and developing new and effective treatments for breast cancer, including clinical trials.

Having representatives from medical oncology, surgical oncology, and radiation oncology working together to coordinate your care ensures that all feasible approaches to treatment will be considered and that you will receive the combination of treatments that is best for you.

Administrative Leadership

Sara M. Tolaney, MD, MPH, Chief, Division of Breast Oncology, Susan F. Smith Center for Women's Cancers

Nancy Lin, MD, Associate Division Chief, Breast Oncology Program and Director, Metastatic Breast Cancer Program

Judy Garber, MD, MPH, Chief, Division of Cancer Genetics and Prevention

Caroline C. Block, MD, Clinical Director, Breast Oncology Program

Tari A. King, MD, FACS, Chief of Breast Surgery, Breast Oncology Program

Ann Partridge, MD, MPH, Director, Program for Young Adults with Breast Cancer

Jennifer Bellon, MD, Director, Breast Radiation Oncology

Erica Mayer, MD, MPH, Director, Clinical Research

Adrienne Waks, MD, Associate Director, Clinical Research

Joseph Scorzoni, MHA, Administrative Director, Breast Oncology Program

Paul Buckley, MBA, Administrative Director, Division of Breast Surgery

Nurse Practitioners

Christine Agius, NP
Andrea Desmond, NP
Olivia Donnelly, NP (surgery)
Caroline Dudman, NP (surgery)
Kelly Fischer, NP
Sarah Fischer, NP
Kathrine Fleming, NP
Allie Hershey, NP
Sarah McCaskey, NP
Jennifer McKenna, NP
Heather W. Murphy, NP
Morgan Rutter, NP
Elahe Salehi, DNP
Gillian Serino, NP
Lindsay Shaw, NP
Ryan Tamargo, NP
Brianne Whitley, NP

Physician Assistants

Carolyn Boudreau, PA-C
Danielle Bowers, PA-C
Lara Novak Butler, PA-C (surgery)
Alison Dana, PA-C (surgery)
Adam Dunn, PA-C (surgery)
Jordan Gittzus, PA-C (surgery)
Sarah Katz, PA-C (surgery)
Kelly Kraines, PA-C
Kelley Lapointe, PA-C (surgery)
Sarah Maloney, PA-C (surgery)
Katie McLean, PA-C (surgery)
Kathryn Nickerson, PA-C
Gabrielle Sayaf, PA-C (surgery)

Oncology Nurse Navigators

Hayley Bowden, RN
Sandra Brown, RN
Candace Burke, RN
Mary Caruso, RN (surgery)
Kristin Cashman, RN (surgery)
Celeste Ferguson, RN
Christine Gorveatt, RN
Lisa Kinsman, RN
Carney Lavery, RN (surgery)
Laura Lindstrom, RN
Mallie Link, RN
Kimberly Maurer, RN
Amada Metivier, RN
Mary O’Driscoll, RN
Judith Pelletier, RN
Catherine Rhinehart, RN
Myra St. Amand, RN
Kristina Lucia Worcester, RN
Rachael Young, RN

Research Nurses

Jordan Bowers, RN
Margaret Campbell, RN
Connie Cung, RN
Rachel Dishman, RN
Samantha Ficociello, RN
Maryangel Jeon, RN
Elizabeth Kasparian, RN
Wendy Loeser, RN
Meghan Orechia, RN
Nikita Patel, RN
Kathleen Roche, RN

Social Work

Rachel Allende, MSW, LICSW (for Portuguese-speaking patients)
Mackenzie Cordova, MSW, LCSW
Megan (Donovan) Del Sesto, MSW, LICSW (for English and Spanish-speaking patients)
Elizabeth Farrell, MSW, LICSW
Tricia Hughes, MSW, LICSW
Leora Lowenthal, MSW, LICSW, OSW-C
Jessica Mosey, MSW, LICSW