More than 115 Dana-Farber-affiliated physicians recognized as Top Doctors

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Boston magazine has named more than 115 physicians and surgeons affiliated with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to its annual "Top Doctors" guide. Drawing from a Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. physician database, the list consists of hundreds of Boston-area physicians from many medical specialties and is available on Boston magazine's website.

Dana-Farber provides adult cancer care with Brigham and Women's Hospital as Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center, and provides pediatric cancer care with Boston Children’s Hospital as Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.

The following Dana-Farber-affiliated faculty are listed as "Top Doctors" in the January 2019 issue of Boston magazine:

Gregory A. Abel, MD, MPH (Medical Oncology)

Janet L. Abrahm, MD (Hospice and Palliative Medicine)

Brian M. Alexander, MD, MPH (Radiation Oncology)

Erik K. Alexander, MD (Endocrinology)

Edwin P. Alyea, MD (Hematology)

Kenneth C. Anderson, MD (Hematology)

Donald J. Annino, MD, DMD (Surgical Oncology)

Joseph H. Antin, MD (Medical Oncology)

Stanley W. Ashley, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Elizabeth H. Baldini, MD, MPH (Radiation Oncology)

Elisabeth M. Battinelli, MD (Hematology)

Jennifer R. Bellon, MD (Radiation Oncology)

Ross S. Berkowitz, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Monica M. Bertagnolli, MD  (Surgical Oncology)

Amy L. Billett, MD (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Ronald Bleday, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Caroline Block, MD (Medical Oncology)

Jennifer R. Brown, MD, PhD (Hematology)

Harold J. Burstein, MD, PhD (Medical Oncology)

Susana M. Campos, MD, MPH (Medical Oncology)

Jennifer Chan, MD, MPH (Medical Oncology)

Steven L. Chang, MD, MS (Surgical Oncology)

E. Antonio Chiocca, MD, PhD (Neurosurgery)

Toni Choueiri, MD (Medical Oncology)

Thomas E. Clancy, MD, FACS (Surgical Oncology)

Laurie Cohen, MD (Endocrinology)

Yolonda L. Colson, MD, PhD  (Surgical Oncology)

Jean M. Connors, MD (Hematology)

Anthony V. D'Amico, MD, PhD (Radiation Oncology)

Daniel J. DeAngelo, MD, PhD (Medical Oncology)

Christine M. Denison, MD (Diagnostic Radiology)

Phillip M. Devlin, MD, FACR (Radiation Oncology)

Lisa R. Diller, MD (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Margaret M. Duggan, MD, FACS (Surgical Oncology)

Sarah Feldman, MD, MPH (Surgical Oncology)

Christopher D.M. Fletcher, MD, FRCPath (Pathology)

A. Lindsay Frazier, MD (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Arnold S. Freedman, MD (Medical Oncology)

Judy E. Garber, MD, MPH (Medical Oncology)

Atul Gawande, MD, MPH (Surgical Oncology)

Suzanne George, MD (Medical Oncology)

Alexandra Golby, MD (Neurosurgery)

Joel E. Goldberg, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Mehra Golshan, MD, FACS (Surgical Oncology)

Liliana C. Goumnerova, MD (Neurosurgery)

Rachael Grace, MD (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Eva C. Guinan, MD (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Daphne Haas-Kogan, MD (Radiation Oncology)

Robert I. Haddad, MD (Medical Oncology)

Lauren C. Harshman, MD (Medical Oncology)

Michael Hassett, MD, MPH (Medical Oncology)

Vincent T. Ho, MD (Medical Oncology)

F. Stephen Hodi, MD (Medical Oncology)

Neil Horowitz, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Heather Jacene, MD (Radiology)

Eric D. Jacobsen, MD (Hematology)

Katherine A. Janeway, MD (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Pasi A. Jänne, MD, PhD (Medical Oncology)

Hadine Joffe, MD, MSc (Psychiatry) – DF/HCC profile link

Bruce E. Johnson, MD (Medical Oncology)

Richard Max Kaufman, MD (Pathology) - BWH profile link

Adam S. Kibel, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Tari A. King, MD, FACS (Surgical Oncology)

Thomas S. Kupper, MD (Dermatology)

Ann S. LaCasce, MD, MMSc (Medical Oncology)

Nicole R. LeBoeuf, MD, MPH (Dermatology)

Leslie E. Lehmann, MD (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Jennifer Ligibel, MD (Medical Oncology)

Nancy U. Lin, MD (Medical Oncology)

Karen J. Marcus, MD (Radiation Oncology)

Ellen Marqusee, MD (Endocrinology)

Francisco Marty, MD (Infectious Disease)

Ursula A. Matulonis, MD (Medical Oncology)

Robert J. Mayer, MD (Medical Oncology)

Bradley McGregor, MD (Medical Oncology)

Steven J. Mentzer, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Jeffrey A. Meyerhardt, MD, MPH (Medical Oncology)

Francis Moore, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Elizabeth A. Mullen, MD, FAAP (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Michael G. Muto, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Faina Nakhlis, MD, FACS (Surgical Oncology)

Andrea K. Ng, MD, MPH (Radiation Oncology)

Paul L. Nguyen, MD (Radiation Oncology)

Anju Nohria, MD (Cardiology)

Patrick Ott, MD, PhD (Medical Oncology)

Beth Overmoyer, MD (Medical Oncology)

Ann H. Partridge, MD, MPH (Medical Oncology)

John R. Peteet, MD (Psychiatry)

Scott L. Pomeroy, MD, PhD (Pediatric Neurology)

Chandrajit P. Raut, MD, MSc (Surgical Oncology)

David Reardon, MD (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Esther Rhei, MD, FACS (Surgical Oncology)

Paul G. Richardson, MD (Hematology)

Michael Rivkin, MD (Child Neurology)

Chrysalyne D. Schmults, MD (Dermatology)

Stuart J. Schnitt, MD (Pathology)

Deborah Schrag, MD, MPH (Medical Oncology)

Geoffrey Shapiro, MD, PhD (Medical Oncology)

Akiko Shimamura, MD, PhD (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Lewis B. Silverman, MD (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Robert J. Soiffer, MD (Hematology)

Graeme Steele, MD (Surgical Oncology)

David P. Steensma, MD (Medical Oncology)

Richard M. Stone, MD (Hematology)

Scott J. Swanson, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Christopher Sweeney, MBBS (Medical Oncology)

Mary-Ellen Taplin, MD (Medical Oncology)

Katherine Thornton, MD (Medical Oncology)

Roy B. Tishler, MD, PhD (Radiation Oncology)

Patrick Y. Wen, MD (Neurology)

David A. Williams, MD (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Eric P. Winer, MD (Medical Oncology)

Brian M. Wolpin, MD, MPH (Medical Oncology)

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